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Antique Ivory Figural Lady's Leg Pen Knife * C1870

Antique Ivory Figural Lady's Leg Pen Knife * C1870
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Home » Store » Other Treasures » M495 » Fab Antique Silver & Ruby Crystal Perfume Bottle * French

This gorgeous crystal and silver gilt perfume bottle is one of the highest quality pieces I've ever had. The ruby glass is all hand cut with a faceted design and flowers are engraved over that. The gilded silver bottom and top are both chased with the same flowers. The top makes a half turn to release, a bayonet style closure (you line up the pins with the openings and then twist). The ground glass stopper is a perfect fit and I'm sure is the original. The silver (top and bottom) is stamped with the boar's head hallmarks used on French 800/1000 pure silver. It has the maker's mark for Gaston BardiƩs. He worked at 13 rue des Fontaines in Part from 1897 to 1914.

The silver is in outstanding condition as is the glass. There are no flakes, chips, cracks or other damage (including under the top). The bottle is clean and sparkly. It measures 4" high. The silver cup at the bottom is removable and could be used as a little jigger.

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