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Antique Carved Ivory Pin Cushion / Disc * C1820

Antique Carved Ivory Pin Cushion / Disc * C1820
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Home » Store » Scissors » SC935 » Rare Antique English 9 Kt Gold Scissors * Hallmarked 1887

These fabulous sewing scissors are often seen in silver but this is the only pair I've ever seen with gold handles. They are marked "9", ".375" and have the English hallmarks for Birmingham 1887. The ornate shanks and bows have scrolling floral designs with pierced latticework at the top.

The condition is excellent and they measure 5 7/8" long. The gold has no dents, splits, repairs or other damage. The steel blades are tight with the original sharp points and they cut well. There's no rust and the blades have most of their original polished surface. The postage shown includes Registered shipping for non US addresses and insured shipping within the US.

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