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Ornate Antique Carved Ivory Tape Measure * English * Circa 1830

Ornate Antique Carved Ivory Tape Measure * English * Circa 1830
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This lovely piece is made of real ivory and it an extremely rare piece. The top is carved with an intricately petaled flower design and serrated edges and the bottom has a beaded border. It has a gorgeous patina and ivory grain.

It is a combination thread waxer and emery, something I've never seen before. It's from an English sewing workbox and would have been part of a matched set of tools. Usually, in addition to matching spools, the workbox would have had 3 more pieces, a tape measure, a waxer and an emery. This set did have the tape measure (see my other website items) but the waxer and emery are combined in this one piece. It still has the original wax which has had very little use. The bottom has a hole with the emery cushion, which must be up inside the wax. Needles were pushed in and out of this cushion to sharpen them and remove rust. The condition is excellent with no chips, cracks or other damage. It measures 1 1/4" high and almost 1" in diameter.