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Antique Carved Tortoise Shell Box with Sterling Silver Thimble *

Antique Carved Tortoise Shell Box with Sterling Silver Thimble *
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Home » Store » Misc Sewing Tools » E522 » Classic Antique Carved Ivory Tambour Crochet Hook * C1820

This antique tambour hook is hand turned and carved and has a beautiful old patina and ivory grain pattern. It has a brass collar & steel thumb screw and the top unscrews to reveal a storage compartment for holding the hooks (There are 2 small steel hooks).

The condition is excellent with no chips or other damage. Everything screws together securely and the thumb screw tightens properly to hold the hook. It measures 4 7/8" long when closed. A similar ivory tambour hook is shown on p. 74 of Nerylla Taunton's book "Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries".

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