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Antique Carved Tortoise Shell Box with Sterling Silver Thimble *

Antique Carved Tortoise Shell Box with Sterling Silver Thimble *
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This little antique box is made of wood veneered with real tortoise shell. The interior edges are lined with ivory and it has the original red velvet linings. The condition is excellent with no chips, cracks or loss of tortoise or ivory. Inside is a sterling silver (tested) English cable thimble*. This is also in excellent condition, crisp and in round with no holes, dents or repairs. It is about an American size 7/8 (14.8 mm diameter opening) and has a script monogram engraved on the cartouche (M E S).

The box measures 1 1/4" tall x 1 1/8" in diameter. It has a push button opening that works well and the top closes with a click. A tortoise thimble case like this is shown on p. 97 of Gay Ann Rogers' book "An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools". *A thimble like this one was used in 1866 to make a tiny battery that produced the power to send the first message through the newly completed Atlantic Cable. One is shown at the bottom of p. 84 of Bridget McConnel's book "The Story of the Thimble".

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