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Antique Ivory Figural Lady's Leg Pen Knife * C1870

Antique Ivory Figural Lady's Leg Pen Knife * C1870
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Home » Store » Thimbles & Thimble Holders » E434 » Antique Ivory & Ebony Acorn w/ Sterling Silver Thimble * 1897

This little antique acorn is smoothly carved of real ivory on the bottom and ebony on the top. Inside is a sterling silver thimble. It has the English hallmarks for Chester 1897 and the maker's mark for Charles Horner. It's about an American size 10 (16.5 mm diameter opening). The condition is excellent with no holes, dents or other damage.

The acorn is also in great condition with no chips, cracks or loss. It screws together perfectly and measures 1 3/4" long.

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