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Antique Tortoise Shell Needle Packet Box * Circa 1850

Antique Tortoise Shell Needle Packet Box * Circa 1850
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Home » Store » Sewing Sets & Etuis » E264 » ★Rare Antique Ivory Etui & Tools * C1850

This unusual little etui is carved of solid ivory with ribbed sides and is mounted with steel bands. Inside, a carved ivory rack sits in the middle, pierced to hold the various tools. The contents include tiny steel scissors, an ivory and tortoise shell tooth pick, an ivory pen knife, ivory button hook, ivory corkscrew, ivory tweezers, an ivory file/nail tool and an ivory screw in stiletto with its handle. Everything is complete and all original.

The tiny scissors measure 2 1/2" long. They have tight blades, intact points and cut pretty well. The tools all work well and except for a chip on one side of the toothpick are in excellent condition with no other damage. The ivory case has some age cracks running along the ribbing on the sides. It's sturdy and solid though and has gorgeous ivory grain patterns. It measures 3 1/8" high and the oval base is 1 7/8" x 1 1/8". The postage shown includes Registered shipping for non US addresses and insured shipping within the US.